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Mama Cacao


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Mama Cacao 05:29
Chorus: Spirit of Cacao I welcome you. Mama Cacao I welcome you. Spirit of Cacao I welcome you. Mama Cacao I welcome you. Open my Heart for Love. Open my Soul for this Life. Guide me dancing on this sacred Earth. Open me for the Divine. I invite you to this circle of our tribe of love. Sweetest Spirit hear our prayers and remind us what we are.


Raw Cacao has been honored and worshipped by indigenous people for thousands of years. Up until the 18th century they were using cacao as a sort of currency equal to gold and they refer to cacao as “food of the gods”. It was and still today is held sacred not only for its amazing health benefits but also as a “medicine of the heart”. They call it “Mama Cacao” because of the loving and nurturing feeling that arises when a ceremonial cup of cacao has been savoured. Mayan elders and other indigenous tribes from around the globe believe that the plant is alive and has a spirit that is here with the intention to help us to open our hearts and to be more loving and gentle and to remind us of our connection to nature and spirit and the sacredness of life. There is a legend among them , like a prophecy that says “Whenever the earth and humanity are going through great shifts and transformations the spirit of cacao will emerge to support and assist by guiding the people back into their hearts to know the truth within and to heal confusion and trauma caused by false beliefs and disconnection from source and our essence. Everyone who has experienced a cacao ceremony has gotten a sense of the gentle and loving energy and spirit of “Mama Cacao” and the joy and healing she brings to the world.

The NUMA tribe loves this plant so much and we are so infintely grateful for all the hearts that have been opened, wounds and traumas that have been healed, dances that have been danced, and love and connection that has been shared thanks to the magical weavings of this beautiful plant medicine.

THEA HANN who is part of the LUCID tribe – a collective for conscious and sacred gatherings in Berlin - has her own story and love affair with the sacred medicine and expressed her gratitude in the form of a wonderful song. When she reached out to us to share this beautiful offering we were instantly enchanted and truely excited and grateful that this prayer song has found its way to us because Cacao is such an integral part of our life and has been and keeps supporting and nourrishing us on so many levels.

In addition to the acoustic and pure original version of the song the EP features 2 remixes.

Intiche created a sonic reflection of his own personal connection and experiences with the sacred plant. To honor the diffrent heritages of Cacao around the world Intiche used traditional instruments from countries where cacao is growing like indonesian bamboos and gamelan, percussion maracas from Peru and Ecuador and rainmakers from Bolivia. By chaning the tempo into double time halfway through the track Intiche wants to make us feel the playful atmosphere that the medicine can bring to us “ and make us going deep and at the same time dance and let it go wild...”

Me and Maywa were also invited to rework Thea's Song and with great joy we created our sweet magical journey guided by the Mama herself (we drank plenty of cacao in the process ;)
Maywa added her powerful shamanic icaro medicine, our friend and dear brother Daniel Mora from Costa Rica is playing native costa rican flutes and I painted a colorful tapestry of sonic bloom to express the joy, aliveness and love that mama cacao has shown me within myself and that I can now experience every day all around me in the costa rican jungle.

We hope that this release will serve as a prayer and gift to honor this wonderful medicine. May it support to strengthen our connection to nature and compassion for others and ourselfes. May it be a soundtrack to our ceremonies, ecstatic dances, breath work sessions and celebrations of all kinds.

Pura Vida from Costa Rica!


Steffen & Maywa


released June 4, 2021


all rights reserved



NUMA Sololá, Guatemala

NUMA represents a music label and collecitve of artists that aims to spread love, ancient future wisdom and healing energies ♥

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